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A move always implies expenses. And obviously, if you become independent and you are going to live alone, the expenses multiply. Now, if there is a complicated month in this of the removals, that is the first, since many of the ones we are going to talk about today are joined by the normal expenses of the month and for which you probably need monetary solutions. Yes, solutions like online loans for poor credit. Online loans for poor credit can be a great help. Today we tell you how to survive economically the first month of moving.

But before giving you a few tips, let’s first tell you what it is that increases the cost of a move so much the first month. You see, moving costs money. Only the first month you will have to pay:

– the deposit, which is the deposit given to the owners to cover any damage you leave when you leave. Normally, the deposit is the same amount as the rent. Obviously you will be returned if you deliver the house in good condition.

– The current month. The month of rent you must pay; It’s not like other services you pay for once the month has passed. No, here to give you the keys you first have to checkout.

– Real estate management. If you found the apartment or the house through a real estate agency, the most normal thing is that you will be charged real estate management expenses. There are some whose rate corresponds to a month’s rent.

The first month you must make the most complete purchase

First month you must make the most complete purchase

Just to give you an idea, we give you an example: imagine that the apartment you like has a cost of 350 USD per month. In the first month, you would have to pay 350 of the month of rent, another 350 of bail and another 350 in case you do it through a real estate, although it is possible that it offers a lower price.

Apart from this, the first month you must make the most complete purchase, in addition to thinking about those missing details in the new home. We refer, for example, to glasses, cutlery, cauldron batteries, plates, and other necessary utensils.

Tips on how to survive the first month of moving:

– Prepare a budget for the first month of moving and stick to it, how much do I have and how much can I spend?

– Do not waste or buy by buying. Adjust yourself to what you really need and not for once, but to already have it.

You should keep in mind that the money you invest in the move will no longer be recovered (except the deposit), so you should keep these tips very present. Both, how to apply for fast loans online so you can survive a move without a problem.