Financing in stores – bad credit payday loans for you

Get an extra to finance consumer goods

Mini-credits are products designed to get extra money at specific times when you need extra liquidity such as fixing an appliance or face a fine. These payday loans available even if you have bad credit allow us to obtain between 50 euros and up to 750 euros. Compare among the best offers of the moment and get the financing you need for any purpose:

We must bear in mind that this type of financing, unlike other loans, must be reimbursed in full, that is, the capital plus the fees, at the end of the agreed period. So it is vital to be completely sure of being able to reimburse them without problems the following month

Get financing in stores with credit cards

Another way, quite common, to obtain financing in stores is with credit cards as they not only allow us to have a line of credit instantly but also choose the form of payment and change it over time at any time and No problem. These are the best cards of the moment that will allow us to finance any product in any store:

Depending on the form of reimbursement we choose, the interest we will pay to finance what we have purchased will vary. On the one hand, if we choose the total payment at the beginning of the following month (deferred payment), we will not pay interest, it will be at 0% APR. On the other hand, if we prefer to return it in monthly installments so that the economic effort is not so great at once, the interest is around 2% per month.

Personal loans to finance large projects

The most common when wanting to finance a good or product offered by the stores is that we only need an extra amount of money and not large amounts of financing. However, there are some projects that do require a larger budget such as furnishing the kitchen or remodeling a part of our house. For these purposes we can go to online personal loans that not only allow us to achieve them with a completely online process but also in a record time of only 48 hours:

To use them it is advisable to make a budget and a planning to reimburse and know how much to go. Thus, upon request, we will be completely sure of being able to reimburse them without a problem. It is also advisable to calculate how much of our savings we can devote to this project as well as the capital we need to request in order not to ask for more money from the account and, thus, save on interest.

How is the financing in the stores

It is about the ease of purchase that some non-financial companies such as department stores or telephone companies offer to encourage the sale of the goods and services they sell. Depending on the type of products offered by each company, the funding sources will vary to better adapt to the products they offer :

  • On the one hand, we have free financing as a deferred payment for which we will deliver the product we want to buy and we will pay in monthly installments. In this case, they will not give us the money but directly the product that we will have to pay in a certain period. This form of payment is very common in telephone companies.
  • Many other companies, such as financing Ikea or other large stores, offer credit cards, usually granted through credit institutions. These cards can usually be used both for purchases in the stores themselves and in other stores. The cost of financing is the medium of bank credit cards, although they may have payment programs in 3, 6 or 9 months at 0% APR.
  • Another way to obtain financing in stores is through agreements with banking entities that increasingly reach agreements with non-credit companies to finance their products with preferential conditions.

The specific characteristics in terms of maximum amounts, deadlines or costs vary greatly since it will depend to a large extent on the product or service that we wish to finance. Yes, being able to finance a trip will require a larger budget, but the financing of mobile phones or household appliances does not. In addition, credit cards of this type of entities may have higher limits to the amounts we need to purchase their products.

Loans to finance large purchases

In addition to the quick mini-credits and credit cards, which are the ones that allow us to obtain financing in stores with larger products, we can also get loans in non-financial companies for larger projects such as financing celebrations or financing of travel. This type of loans tend to be more similar to traditional personal loans and, although they are offered by travel companies, they are marketed by financial institutions such as banks or Financial Credit Establishments.

These credits usually offer amounts greater than 3,000 euros with terms that can last several months or even years for reimbursement. Its cost is usually a little higher than other types of loans such as car loans, whose average APR is around 8%, and may have interests that range between 10% and 20% APR, depending on the term and amount requested as well as the purpose.

What to take into account to contract to finance in store?

If we are determined to contract to finance for the purchase of consumer goods, both in stores and in other entities that allow us to obtain the money necessary to obtain them, we must take into account some tips to do so responsibly and without overpaying:

  • Save before: before hiring financing we must evaluate if it is an expense for which we really need financing or for which we can save to cover their costs. There is also the possibility of contributing a part of our savings and financing only a part of the cost of the product we want to buy.
  • Choose the right type of credit: depending on the purpose, the right type of credit will vary. Before deciding on one or the other we must calculate which of all the types of credits will be the one that best suits our financial situation.
  • Knowing how to choose the quota: if we decide to pay for the product purchased in monthly installments, it is important to choose a high quota so that the return period does not take too long. A too long term for very low fees will make us pay too much interest.
  • Be sure you can reimburse it: we should never request any type of financing if we are not completely sure of being able to reimburse them within the chosen term and without this implying a financial imbalance.

Following these guidelines, we make sure that we are using the financing that we hire in a responsible manner and reducing the risk of not being able to cope with the return and falling into a debt spiral from which it will be difficult to exit.